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Regals and Royals is a small, family run, non commercial Staffordshire Bull Terrier kennel located in Croatia, EU.
Our main objective is to breed dogs that are healthy and fit for function. 

We are dedicated to promoting Health, Exercise and the Breed Standard with focus on the total dog; temperament, structure, movement and type. 

If you are interested in a dog from our breeding, please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section that can be found here.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier

About the breed

Origins of the breed

The breed standard

Stafford Health


Why a Stafford?


They make good pets

They have a large number of positive traits, they don’t have a tendency to get sick very often, and they’re relatively easy to train. Therefore, they make good family dogs.

They are fiercely loyal

These dogs have probably cornered the market when it comes to this type of loyalty. They’ll stick with their owners through thick and thin

They can hold their own

Staffords strength and stamina = a dog strong enough to handle himself if and when the need arises

Wondering if a Stafford is right for you?


If you want a dog who is >>>>

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a compact and muscular dog.​

Stafford is energetic and high-spirited. Thrives on vigorous athletic activities.

SBT has an easy-groom coat that comes in many colors.

Great family dog, loves kids. Is very loyal, but friendly with people in general.

Staffords love to work with their human. They easily accept training.

In this case, Staffordshire Bull Terrier might be a good choice of breed. ​

If you don't want to deal with >>>>

Stafford is a high energy level dog. Daily workout is a must.

Public perception, possible breed bans, insurance problems, etc.

Staffords can be animal aggressive, same sex aggression is to expected.

This breed requires an experienced confident owner who can take charge.

Some Staffords are not exactly calm if left alone. Crate training is advised.

If the five facts above gave you a scare, Staffordshire Bull Terrier might NOT be a good choice of breed.​


Meet our dogs

Harley aka Panda at Regals and Royals Harley aka Panda
Zea Chilli Zea Chilli
Mazee Trojans (Moka)
jch Mazee (Moka)
RnR Harley Quinn

We try to keep things simple


Our dogs share our home with us, living a very happy “doggy-life”, as a part of our family. They are fed species appropriate diet; raw if we get our hands on farm fed meat, cooked if not. If feed kibble, we stick to non commercial, local boutique brand.

We also do our best not to use chemicals, toxins or pesticides on or around our dogs.

We do perform regular internal and external parasite cleanse, as well as vaccination prescribed by law. However, we prefer to utilize natural remedies whenever possible and have had excellent results doing so.  We also use natural products, such as human grade quality meat and other products for our dogs to keep them safe, healthy and happy.

If the need arises, we do use a local very well respected Canine Veterinary Practitioner.

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