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Frequently asked questions

Please go trough this page if thinking about getting a Regals and Royals puppy. Most of usual questions are answered here. If you have further, we will be happy to help. 

Yes. Regals and Royals is a kennel registered under FCI. The registration cen be seen here. We are located in Croatia, and we operate under Croatian Kennel Club (HKS). 

Also yes, occasionally. We try to bred to better the quality of our dogs. Some of them are blue, some carry blue, some are in other color. When looking for a pup, we strongly advise to look for a companion that will fit you, whatever his / her color is.

No. If asked we will recommend another breeder, but we will certainly not resell other peoples pups.

Well, this is a hard one. It is never easy to choose who will take what puppy home. We would like to point out we prefer families over kennels. We are under impression Staffords should be a house dog, we prefer our pups not to live in a outer kennel.


In our home. None of our dogs is to stay at an outer kennel for anything else than a part time entertainment. Pups live in our house, as they grow older they get their own play pens in the sunshine.

We try to house, crate and leash train all our pups. How trained will your puppy be depends on his age and himself in general.

We consider it is very hard, if not impossible, to tell will a 6 week old puppy become a show dog. So, NO – we do not sell pups as show prospects. Besides genetic predispositions, making a show dog takes a lot of time, work and knowledge. If you are looking for a show dog, you will be better of buying an adult. If you insist on minor puppies, best is to choose the one you like and hope for the best.

Mother certainly yes. Father is not always in our ownership, might not be in the same country as we are. If we used our own stud, sure.  

Croatian Kennel Club has a strict set of rules regarding the breeding, and heavy inbreeding is not allowed.  Under these rules, inbreeding is only partly allowed; but only when referring to litters where a common ancestors to the litter appears in a combination of 2 – 3, (grandparents & grand grandparents).

All our litters come from KC certified and fully health tested parents (our dogs are l2gha, hc, phpv clear + all have locomotive system check ups with excellent results). All our female dogs that we use in reproduction have their breeding licences that validate the dog is up to standard of its breed. Also, all our dogs have a temperament test. All the documentation is verified, and available to be seen. 

Puppies receive vaccinations between 6-9 weeks old and another dose at 10-12 weeks old. These two vaccines are Puppy boosters. If the pup will stay within the county, new owner can pick up his pup at about 10 weeks old. Third vaccine should be administered at about 14-16 weeks. If the pup is meant to be exported, at the age of 12 weeks it will be administered a rabies vaccine, and he is able to leave to his new home in 21 days.

Yes. We chip the pups at six weeks, at the same time they receive their first vaccine.
Under Croatian KC, pups registration start on the day they are born. This is when our club manager pays us a visit to confirm the pups fit age / breed / color wise.  In weeks to come, the club preforms another checkup and pedigrees are issued. Export pedigrees are ordered at a later phase.

Pups live in a flea free house, we do not use aggressive chemicals if not necessary. All the dogs they get in contact have either spot on, or a parasite collar.
We deal with intestinal parasites according to our vets schedule, medicine of choice is usually Drontal Puppy.

Yes. Upon birth, and then after a few weeks when in for their vaccines and chips. Vet visits are noted in their passport.

RnR pups are born ad raised in our house. They are introduced to our regular daily routines and they meet children, and other pets. When old enough, they are allowed to spend time in an outer playpen. They also socialize, under supervision, with other members of our pack. Besides their mother, we have here several male and female dogs (intact and castrated).

We allow visits only when pups are fully immunized. In the meantime, we will be more than happy to provide as much pics and videos as possible.

Puppies should not be allowed to leave their mothers before 8 weeks because it can affect their development. We prefer if you take the puppy home after 9-10 weeks. If the pup is to be exported, he is to leave at 12 weeks + 21 days. (depending on import rules)

Import rules and regulations are handled by the destination country. As Croatia is EU, pups usually leave at 3,5 months (after their rabies vaccination). Basic info about requirements can be found here: Pet Travel

Pups come with:
– Microchip
– EU passport
Vaccines up to age:
2 or 3 puppy vaccines
de worming notes
– FCI pedigree

if the puppy is to be exported, he will come with:
– EU passport (vaccines up to age)
Vaccines up to age:
2 or 3 puppy vaccines
de worming notes
rabies vaccine
– FCI export pedigree

Other specific import documents are available at request at additional charge.

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